Tuesday, 27 August 2013

If you only ever see one Straw Bear gig ...

We’re playing a very special gig on November 16 at Waterbeach Baptist Chapel. For some time now, the people at The Beach Sessions have been staging increasingly popular nights at The Sun in the Cambridgeshire village. Andrew and Helen at The Beach Sessions have built a really strong following, through a combination of sticking their necks out and booking decent bands and keeping the atmosphere pretty relaxed and hassle-free. It’s pretty amazing to see so many people coming along to a pub on the village green to watch new music, and our gigs with them have always been great fun (apart from this one time when I had a throat infection and couldn’t sing a note). This time though, they’ve asked to play at the Waterbeach Baptist Chapel ... which should be amazing. What’s more, the man at the mixing desk for the night will be Sam Inglis of audio bible Sound on Sound, for whom we will forever have a soft spot for after he gave our album the best review we’re ever likely to get. So with Sam working the desk, a beautiful venue, the good people at the Beach Sessions behind the event, and the fact that it’s probably as close to a hometown gig as we’re likely to have ... we think you should try to come along. The photo is Tom Adams at Waterbeach Baptist Chapel.

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